I have two goals for this project:

  1. Finish the VGA video recorder board (with op amps, bias pots, bias for ADC)
  2. Make a version of the vectorscope image modification series but with a raster system taking the following image as the input :

1. Finishing the VGA Video Sampler board

For the first goal, I need to correct that last board I made:

The gain pots for the op-amp don’t work, and I forgot to add capacitors and bias pots to them. I also mixed up VCC (3.3V) and VCA (5V) in several places.

I need to test to see if my hacks are good enough for me to run tests with this board. 

2. Vectorscope image series

I can either load the image into memory by playing it on a computer screen and capturing the pixels, OR, loading the image into memory with a microcontroller. I’m not sure how big I should make the image, and what dimensions, if I load the image.