Machine No.5

Article in “Placeholder 1.5: After School” by Elizabeth Krasner & Roya Mottahedeh


Founding Editors: Elizabeth Krasner & Roya Mottahedeh |
Instagram: #placedasholder

“Issue 1/2 set out to find out what happens AFTER SCHOOL. We explored how this time plays a role in architecture and design, from the fringes rather than in a formal setting: in the summer, after 6pm, post-graduation, when you pick up your kids from school, retirement… ISSUE 1/2 can be read both as “half”– because we are obsessed with capturing the unfinished, and also as a double issue; of one and then two. The first section contains all recent interviews, essays, poetry, and photos, while the second part is largely archival, unpublished works from within the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Toronto ten years ago.

Contributors (in order of appearance): Matthew Blunderfield, Mina Hanna, Phyllis Lambert*, Ted Kesik, Jack Murphy, Jennifer Code, Adriaan Geuze*, Emilia Hurd, Caitlin Tobiasz, Venessa Heddle, Paul Harrison, Emma Dunn, Jonah Marrs, Greg Lynn*, Mark Ross, Leon Lai, Annamarija Korolj,Thomas Provost, Josemaria de Churtichaga*, Martina, Juana and Cayetana de Churtichaga, Paul Kozak, Andrew James Vlcek, Drew Sinclair, Imola Berczi, George Baird, Brian Boigon, Sanford Kwinter, Robert Glover, David Sisam (*interviews)”