Click Space: Visualizing Computer Processes through Time-Lapse Representation

Shift: Issue 10, NYU Fine Arts


The ‘time-lapse’ drawings are created by pulling the paper away from a specially-designed plotter at regular intervals to interrupt a drawing process and mark the sequence of drawing over time. Instead of being interrupted continuously, the drawing machine is interrupted after a set number of machine operations are undertaken. This leads to drawing “clusters” separated by space, with the vertical direction representing the passage of time.

In the drawing series below, the drawings on the far left are output by the prepared plotter without interruption. The drawing appears on paper as it appears on the computer screen, all lines existing at one and the same time. Moving to the right, the same drawing is produced but the drawing process has been interrupted (the paper has been pulled away from the machine) at increasing frequencies. Moving rightward, this creates an increasingly “time-lapsed” original drawing.

The Drawing Series No.1 has the goal of describing the “time-lapse” process through graphic means. Future series use this method to compare different ways of drawing the same drawing, or to compare different drawings time-lapsed with the same settings.

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