EWOD (electro wetting on dialectric)

This project is based on Gaudi Lab’s OpenDrop (https://www.gaudi.ch/OpenDrop/)

Here is the github for Fablab Digiscope’s iteration of the project: https://github.com/merlinmarrs/OpenDrop

We don’t have high voltage MOSFETs so we are using relays instead. In parallel we will be sourcing the components to make the high voltage power supply using a boost converter that takes 12V as input. In the meantime, we will be using a transformer that sources 100V directly to the board to test functionality. 

Here is the board cut:

To supply the minimum 100V necessary, I found this high voltage boosting circuit here: https://www.multisim.com/content/dUPNxLKfTuK3sYfGNjNxNg/9v-to-100v-boost-converter/

With what we have in the lab, it’s peaking at just under 80V. 

Testing the relay:

Testing the relay with a motor and 9V battery:

Here is the first full prototype:


What we need now is some hydrophobic dialectric like Teflon…